Milton Log Cabin

The Milton Log Cabin is a beautiful rustic house with a rich history that is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. It is a very unique attraction in the city of Alpharetta. Milton Cabin is one of only two remaining FFA-constructed log cabins still in use today in the United States.


The Milton Log Cabin was built in 1935 by a group of students that belonged to the Future Farmers of America Club. They built it on the campus of the Old Milton High School on Milton Avenue, located in Downtown Alpharetta. Building a cabin was a hands-on project that involved the entire community. The students cut pine trees that were donated and then hauled them to the Cabin site. The foundation was laid by rocks and cement, provided by farmers and local merchants respectively. 


This log cabin clubhouse quickly became the heart of social life for the community. Milton Cabin hosted weddings, proms, weekly square dances, and so much more. Later on, the cabin became a favorite destination for field trips for school children that were studying local history.  


In 2017, the Fulton County School System built a beautiful new high school on the site of the Old Milton County High School. Initially, the plans called for Milton Log Cabin to be demolished and removed from its original site. The community made the School Board members aware of its love for this special cabin. The Board then agreed to relinquish ownership of the Cabin to the City of Alpharetta. This was if the city agreed to relocate the Log Cabin and clear the site by 12/31/17. 


The community came together to save the Log Cabin. On October 14, 2017, Milton Cabin was relocated to a site just over 500 feet down Milton Avenue. The site is the former home of two educators at Milton, Louise and Carroll Beavers. The preservation of the Log Cabin that was built by Milton students was accomplished with the cooperation of the City of Alpharetta, the Historical Society, and the Fulton County School Board. There was a celebration on this day.


 The Log Cabin officially reopened to the public on October 16, 2017. The cabin now serves as a teaching museum for the Alpharetta Historical Society. 

Those interested in programs and tours should contact the Alpharetta Historical Society. Milton Log Cabin is located at Milton Avenue Park,  200 Milton Avenue, Alpharetta GA 30009


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